Lottery Curse Horror Stories – Can Winning the Jackpot Ruin Your Life?

The media loves surprising stories because they promote. They hardly ever record on humans that won the lottery and then move on to live luckily ever after. But they do  togel sydney  document on humans that win the lottery and, in the end, move on to damage their lives. They name it the lottery curse and they make it appear to be horror stories are the not unusual ending to a huge jackpot win.


Here are a few examples of lottery horror testimonies that you can locate within the media:


William Bud Post: Won more than $16 million in 1988 and ended up bankrupt and dwelling on incapacity assessments.

Rick Camat: Won $87 million in 2000 and become shot to loss of life through police after he allegedly turned into firing off a gun at a football sport

Ibi Roncaioli: Won $5 million in 1991 and was poisoned via her husband after dropping the own family fortune on playing.

These varieties of tales are rampant in the media. But does prevailing the lottery really make you do terrible things? Is prevailing the lottery clearly a curse? Can triumphing the jackpot spoil your life? The solution, in spite of what the media might lead us to believe, is no.


If the lottery is a curse, it might imply that it might make a winner unhappy. Yet people that win the lottery tend to be happier. Camelot, which runs the United Kingdom National Lottery did a main study about lottery winners. Here are some interesting statistics from the examine:


fifty five% of the lottery winners they surveyed said that they have been happier considering winning the lottery.

Forty three% said that they were glad previous to prevailing the lottery, and simply as satisfied after prevailing the lotto.

Only 2% stated that they had been less happy after the jackpot win

What do these kind of stats imply? It manner that you can still pass in advance and dream about prevailing a large jackpot; it may not break your lifestyles.

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